Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When can I camp?

    Camping permits in city campgrounds are issued for three (3) days or five (5) days only, depending on the park selected. Camping always begins on Friday and extends through the weekend ending on either Monday at 8am (3 days) or Wednesday at 8am (5 days). A valid camping permit is required to camp in all city campgrounds. Camping without a valid permit can incur penalties up to $500.00 and up to 30 days in prison. No camping is allowed on either Wednesday or Thursday. Not all parks have campgrounds.

  2. I created an account but have not received the confirmation email, what went wrong?

    Many email users are having issues with the confirmation email. Please add to your contacts to ensure email delivery. If you are awaiting confirmation, please check your SPAM and TRASH folders for emails from the City and County of Honolulu."

  3. How much does a camping permit cost?

    A camping permit for a three (3) day campground, Friday through Monday, will cost you thirty two (32) dollars. A camping permit for a five (5) day campground, Friday through Wednesday, will cost you fifty two (52) dollars. Family campsites hold up to ten (10) persons including children. You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to apply. Note: All camping fees are nonrefundable.

  4. Is my permit refundable?

    The Department of Parks and Recreation has a no refund policy except if the campgrounds are closed by this Department (this policy is a condition of your permit). In the event of a campground closure directive, only the camp closure permittees will receive a refund check (via mail) within 90 days or more of the closure noticed. Permittees affected by a closure directive will be notified ASAP by email (contact number(s) may be used as well). Note: Access your camping account to update the following information: 1) Email, phone numbers for the purpose of emergency contact and 2) Mailing address for the method in which the refund will be submitted.

  5. How do I create a USER ACCOUNT?

    Prior to applying for a camping permit you are going to need a USER ACCOUNT. Sign on our website,, and follow the green bar to the REGISTER button, fill the form and submit (Note: The Email and Password fields are case sensitive). Go to your email account and verify your account. Congratulations, you now have an active account.

  6. How do I get a camping permit?

    Camping is available for permitting two (2) Fridays prior to the Friday that you want to camp at 5pm HST (including Holidays). Camping permits may be obtained at that time by accessing our online camping program at (Note: Only one camping permit per customer per camping week) Online payment for your camping permit is handled through Authorize.Net via our website. When complete, you can print your camping permit from your home computer. The last day to obtain a permit online is the Thursday prior to the start of the camping period. Once the camping period has started, permits must be obtained in person at the DPR Permits office. Note: All Camping Fees as applied shall not be subject to refund. Camping permits may also be obtained in person at the DPR Permits office on the ground floor of the Fasi Municipal building at 650 South King Street (Weekdays 8:00am until 3:00pm - Office closed weekends and holidays - CASH payment required). DPR Permits will not have access to new permit releases until the next working day following the Friday permit release. Note: All camping fees are nonrefundable. Application by mail or telephone will not be accepted. The permit holder is responsible for the conduct of their campers including any damage or required clean-up to the area. NOTE: Prior to selecting a campsite, sign-in first and continually verify the correct reservation dates during the online application process and prior to submitting credit card information.

  7. Do I need a parking permit?

    Complete vehicle information for up to three vehicles in your party is now required as a part of the camping permit process (only one at Lualualei & none at Hauula). Please include make, model, year, color, and license number. Rental car customers should submit the correct name of the rental agency and reservation. If you will not be using all three parking permits please remove unused permit fields by selecting the green REMOVE command at the right end of the line. If unused parking permit fields are not removed you will not be able to complete your application for a camping permit. A valid parking permit must be posted in plain sight on the dashboard of each vehicle for overnight parking. No parking permits can be issued after you have completed your camping permit.

  8. I selected an available family campsite, completed the camping permit process and charged the transaction to my VISA/MASTERCARD/DISCOVER credit card. I wasn’t issued the camping permit that I applied for but my account shows a charge. What happened?

    The customer is e-mailed a copy of the issued camping permit, when an accepted payment is completed. If you did not receive a camping permit at your registered e-mail account you may not have completed the process correctly. Note: Card issuing banks may set aside funds from the cardholder's account to cover the estimated cost of the transaction. This process is known as a “hold.” Sometimes the payment will not process through if the cardholder's information on file with the cardholders bank does not match the information they have on their account. The hold is placed on the available funds of the cardholder until the charge is presented by the merchant and clears the account. If no charge actually goes through, the charge will be reversed. This can take up to three business days or so. For questions about your card account or statement, including holds, please contact the cardholder's issuing bank. Each issuing bank has its own policy and security controls for processing card transactions.

  9. Can I come to camp with my permit saved only to my phone or digital device?

    A complete camping permit can consist of up to seven (7) pages. To camp in a city campground you are required to have a complete printed copy of your camping permit in your possession. Camping permits are non-transferable. Parking permits must be prominently displayed on your dashboard.

  10. Can I get a permit for less than three (3) days of camping?

    Campgrounds vary and (only) consist of three day campgrounds (at a permit cost of $32.00 per campsite) and five day campgrounds (at a permit cost of $52.00 per campsite). 24hrs/48hrs camping permits are not available.

  11. Which parks feature three (3) days of camping?

    The following parks feature three days of camping: Bellows Beach Park, Ho‘omaluhia Botanical Garden, Kalaeloa Beach Park, Kualoa "A" Regional Park, Ma‘ili Beach Park, and Swanzy Beach Park.

  12. Which parks feature five (5) days of camping?

    The following parks feature five days of camping: Hau’ula Beach park, Kaiaka Bay Beach Park, Kea’au beach park, Kokoloilio Beach Park, Kalanaina’ole Beach Park, Lualualei Beach Park, Kualoa “B” Regional Park, Hūnānāniho and Waimanalo Beach Park.

  13. Can I host a party at the campground?

    A camping permit does not authorized the permittee to use the campsite for private parties, including baby luaus, graduations parties, memorial or celebration of life services, weddings or receptions parties.

  14. Is there a quiet hour period at the campground?

    Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. During quiet hours, use or operation of noise-producing devices, including radios, televisions, musical instruments, vehicles, or public address systems in a manner disturbing to other campers is prohibited. Campers should refrain from any loud activities or noises during quiet hours.

  15. Can I have a campfire? Where can we have a Bonfire?

    Bonfires are illegal on all public beaches and parks. Campfires are prohibited except in fire pits and campfire rings provided by the City and County (located at Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden and Kualoa “A” Regional Park). Note: Persons violating the open burning ordinance are subject to fines up to $10,000 per violation, per day. Charcoal fires are allowed in grills and braziers for cooking purposes. The use of (Private) stoves and braziers must be least 12 inches off the ground and kept away from trees and plants. Ashes and charcoal shall not be deposited near trees, shrubs or vines, but shall be left or deposited in designated areas. Note: Propane grills are prohibited in all city campgrounds.

  16. Are water and electricity available at the campsites? Can I use a generator?

    Campers are not allowed to connect to county utilities. Water and electricity are only for the comfort stations and irrigation. There are outdoor showers for public use. The use of generators is not allowed.

  17. May I bring a dog to camp with me? How about a pet or another animal?

    The Department of Parks and Recreation, prohibits any animal (not sanction as a service animal) from entering or remaining within any Pubic park/campground. Sanction service animals with certification, vest, etc. are allowed. The definition of a service animal adopted by the Department of Parks and Recreation is as follows: Any guide dog, signal dog or another animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability.

  18. Is trailer camping allowed? How about camping in my truck?

    NOTICE: Vehicular camping is prohibited at City and County campgrounds. Only camping in tents in assigned, numbered campsites are allowed. Camping in vehicles is not allowed including camping trailers, cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, or vans.

  19. Are there accessible campsites?

    ADA campsites are fixed/not available to the general public. While setting up your online account you have the option to choose a ADA accessible or Non-ADA status. Once your profile/account is ADA, you are restricted to only ADA campsites/campgrounds located at: Kalaniana’ole Beach Park, Keaau Beach Park, Kualoa Regional Park, Swanzy Beach Park, Hunananiho and Waimanalo Beach Park. Note: ADA campsites are equivalent to ADA parking stalls, a disability placard is required to use them and the application must be at least 18 years old. The permittee/account holder is the ADA applicant (required to be present and have a paper permit available for inspection by police and park staff).

  20. Are campground gates closed at night? Can I come in after 8pm?

    Most campgrounds are not gated and are open 24 hours. The following campgrounds are currently gated. Closure times are firm:
    Bellows Beach Park - gates closed 8pm - 6am
    Ho‘omaluhia Botanical Gardens - gates closed 4pm - 9am
    Kaiaka Beach Park - gates closed 6:45pm - 7am
    Kokololio Beach Park - gates closed 7pm - 7am
    Kualoa Regional Park - gates closed 8pm - 7am
    Hūnānāniho - gates closed 7:45pm - 6am

  21. Can I get a map of the campsites?

    A map of your campground with all its campsites indicated is included with your camping permit. For a preview of any campground just select the picture of the park from the home page of this site. NOTE: Family campsites are approximately 900 square feet.

  22. What are the most popular campsites?

    Campsites on Oahu are popular for various reasons such as one is a good swimming site, one has lots of trees while another has scenic open spaces. All campgrounds but Ho‘omaluhia are in beach parks. Ho‘omaluhia itself is a mountain park.

  23. Do you have a list of all the campsites available on Oahu, both public and private? How about the neighbor islands?

    For information on public campsites in Hawaii, visit the websites listed below:
    Hawaii State Parks Campsites:
    Hawaii County:
    Kauai County:
    Maui County:
    For up-to-date information on the above and private campsites in Hawaii, we recommend doing a search using the Internet.

  24. What browser versions does this site support?

    We support Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome 15+, Safari 5+, and Firefox 10+. We do not support beta versions of browsers.

  25. Does this site support mobile devices?

    Yes. This site features responsive design and supports Mobile Safari 4+ and Android 2.3.3+. Please note that not all Android skins behave the same and some pages may not render properly. If such is the case, please upgrade your device operating system, or try an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or MoboTap Dolphin.

  26. Can I bring an inflatable bouncer or water slide to my camp site?

    All types of bouncers are prohibited at all City and County camp sites.

  27. Can I secure and/or suspend equipment to campground objects?

    Tents, canopies, camping structures, or camping equipment shall not be attached in any manner to any park building, structure, or vegetation, including trees.

  28. Are the campgrounds equipped with cooking stoves/grills stations?


  29. What type of cooking fuel is permitted at the campsites?

    You may use above-ground barbeque grills for charcoal cooking only. Charcoal may be used for cooking fires which must be placed in barbecue stoves. Note: Campgrounds are not equipped with stoves. If private stove are used, they must be lifted at least 12 inches above the grass and kept well away from tree trunks and other plants."

  30. What is the maximum accommodations per campsite?

    Each campsite consists of 900 square feet, allows for a maximum of 10 people, 1 canopy, 3 tents (maximum size per tent and canopy is 10x10 feet) and 3 vehicles (except at Hauula and Lualualei Beach Parks).

  31. If my questions have not been addressed how may I contact you?

    Please review the site with special emphasis on the FAQ page. If you need further assistance you may either email us at or call 808-768-3440. Note: Office hours are weekdays 8:00am until 4:00pm (closed weekends and holidays).